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Boost sales productivity and efficiency with sales automation and data driven data intelligence. It is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to support sales, marketing and customer support with B2B and B2C contexts. Sales cloud part of the (SFDC) Which is focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the sales team of an organization and increases the revenue of sales.


Service Cloud is the heart of service with connected, efficient, personalized experiences. It is enables users to streamline workflows, find key articles, automates service processes and experts to support customer service agents. The purpose is to faster one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer across multiple channels and devices.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is marketing automation software, which helps businesses improve the efficiency of their marketing activities. The true benefits would be: win customers, engage more efficiently and build lifelong trusted relationships. We present marketing cloud aimed to at marketing professionals who are eager to obtain the highest return from investment through understanding customers and offering them what they are really interested.


Salesforce commerce cloud provides a suite of features to transform the ways brands connect with customers at every stage of their customer is Flexible tools, Easy automation and save time and money. Choose how you connect with customers on the platform trusted by industry-leading brands. The Commerce Cloud makes a smooth transition from one channel to another. So, every business is supported across every platform and phase of engagement.


CRM Analytics automatically takes advantage of Salesforce features and existing configurations. Analytics helps your business to leverage the visualization capabilities of Tableau to access data from various internal and external Connect the dots between data, insights, and better business outcomes with end-to-end analytics and make secure, high-quality data available where you need it by ensuring visibility and control.


Salesforce takes an API-driven approach to develop a wide range of functionality on its platform and offers the abilities to connect and interact with cloud services. Break free from inflexible custom code and maximize business agility with application networks. Allow teams to discover and reuse integration assets to build upon prior projects and address new business priorities. We can make important data accessible to our end users, and we are often in the position to make decisions about what integrations would benefit our company.

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