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Salesforce Implementation Project for Non Profit Organizations(NGOs)

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Case study on a Salesforce implementation project for an NGO involves several key steps to effectively showcase the projects objectives, challenges, solutions, and outcomes.


Our NGO has been working with children young people, set up by a group of local church and community leaders who were actively involved in supporting young people inside and outside schools in order to provide a charitable umbrella for the different activities. NGO arose in response to the needs of children young people, especially those struggling at school or home, and still today, has the needs of children young people at its core.

NGO works for those communities, in which Stream seeks to connect and engage with a wide range of children young people in their community. It aims to equip children young people to make positive life choices and invest in them by raising their aspirations, in addition to offering opportunities to learn new life skills.

Challenges (What was Used Before)

Earlier the NGO was working on NPSP package and its functionalities which are limited. The challenges included checking for data accuracy (weekly and monthly basis) and non-working automation tools. We have worked with the NPSP with this organization and we provided the Salesforce services like implementation, configuration, customization and data migration.

Solution(What we implemented)

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, being a specialized platform, likely offers tailored solutions and support for the unique needs and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations, empowering them to further their missions and make a greater impact in their respective fields. Migrating data and operations to the Nonprofit Cloud likely involved a significant effort but has provided NGO with a platform that offers expanded functionalities and capabilities beyond what was available with NPSP. This transition could include features such as improved data management, enhanced collaboration tools, streamlined processes, and potentially access to additional resources and support specific to the nonprofit sector.

Implementation Process How we solve the problems

How we solve the problems

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