We recently introduced our new product FHT (Field History Tracking)Application which enables users to track field history of as many fields for an object they want .The object can be standard or custom as per users choice.
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Api Integration

Seamless connectivity, elevated performance – CodM specializes in API integration, bridging systems for a unified and efficient business experience

API integration, a cornerstone of modern enterprise technology, plays a crucial role in orchestrating seamless communication between different software systems. Our API integration solutions from CodM are carefully designed to break down silos and foster a harmonious digital ecosystem for businesses. By creating bridges between applications, platforms and databases, we enable companies to streamline their operations, optimize workflows and unlock the true potential of their technology stack.Our team of experienced developers excels at creating customized API integrations that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. Whether it's connecting CRM systems for unified customer insights, integrating e-commerce platforms for efficient order fulfillment or linking third-party services to improve functionality, we make sure every integration is tailor-made. We place great emphasis on compatibility, security and scalability to ensure that the integrated systems not only work smoothly today, but can also be easily adapted to future business requirements.

We offers multiple kinds of APIs for the data to move through. they are Comprehensive Web Service APIs for Seamless Data Transactions CodM offers a wide spectrum of web service APIs tailored to address diverse transactional access requirements. These APIs encompass various interfaces such as REST, SOAP, BULK, Composite, and Apex, catering to a multitude of data interaction needs. Among these, the Composite resources stand out for their ability to provide users with a unified API invocation that facilitates the manipulation, retrieval, and deletion of interconnected data. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual data input across multiple applications. Notably, these APIs play a crucial role in enhancing essential processes like build release management and version control, boosting operational efficiency. Empowering Data Movement and Integration through Salesforce's Varied API Offerings Salesforce is committed to delivering exceptional solutions, as evident in its extensive array of API alternatives. From Salesforce Connect to Apex callouts, External Services to MuleSoft Composer, the company offers a comprehensive suite of tools that contribute significantly to the domain of data movement and integration. These solutions empower organizations to seamlessly connect and synchronize data across various platforms and systems. Additionally, offerings like Content Management Systems, Change Data Capture, Platform Events, Data Pipelines, OmniStudio, and AppExchange further enrich the possibilities for efficient data handling and integration. Salesforce's dedication to diverse API options underscores its commitment to facilitating robust and versatile data management strategies.