Dynamic Related List in Salesforce?

With the Summer 22 release, Now you can customise related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout editor with the new Dynamic Related List in Salesforce. Now Dynamic Related list in Salesforce adds game-changer features for its Customers.

What Is a Dynamic Related List in Salesforce?

Dynamic Related is the newest feature in the Salesforce Summer 22 release. With the help of the Dynamic Related list in Salesforce, you can customise the related list directly in Lightning App Builder. With some Customization, you can decide what field and actions appear on that related list, and When they appear.

Dynamic Related List - Single Feature

    Some Feature is different from the static related list :

  • Define Related List Label and type of list.
  • Configure the Number of Records to Display.
  • Show/hide List View Action Bar.
  • Define Related List Filters.
  • Configure Actions.
  • Set Component Visibility.
Add Dynamic Related List in Lightning App builder

In this example, we’ll learn how to add a Dynamic Related list to the Account Layout

  1. Click Setup
  2. Open Object Manager, then search for Account
  3. Open Account Page from on Lightning Record Pages
  4. Click Edit
  5. Drag And drop Dynamic Related list - Single under Related tab
  6. Once added to Dynamic Related List then confirm all below properties.
  7. Done Click Save and Activate.
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