CodM will help your business to achieve a seamless Salesforce Lightning implementation. We are the best Salesforce lightning builders. The best thing is that we are not required to alter the way we perform our business to let the Salesforce CRM fit perfectly.

We can tailor the CRM applications instead to make them suitable for the way we carry out our business. Our expert team of Salesforce proficient will get you and custom-make the solutions for your exceptional business requirements, employing our robust expertise in extending and customizing Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex.

An essential segment of App Cloud, is a strong cloud computing platform provided to automate business workflows. We help businesses build and implement robust Force. com-based enterprise solutions.

A Salesforce development company, like CodM, helps organizations to build custom integration solutions to combine various services and data sources with applications. Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics, and more.

The Lightning Experience has transformed the way businesses utilize Salesforce. Salesforce lightning has initiated new possibilities and approaches to use Salesforce. However, companies are bound to reconstruct their customizations to meet the new user experience standards.

If you are not satisfied with the standard lightning components and your business is demanding more, let us help you out. Our Salesforce development service providers will help you to develop unique lightning components according to your business needs.

The Lightning has recently been enhanced by LWC. As the name implies, “Salesforce Lightning Web Components” are frameworks based on components. Taking its development game one step ahead, Salesforce recently open-sourced Lightning Web Components which comes with some great tools to simplify custom development.

Lightning web components provide better performance to the end-user because they can operate on the browser without any complicated abstractions.

The Lightning Web Components can be deployed with just a few clicks when they are developed properly.

Lightning Web Components comes with an added layer of special Salesforce services besides the core stack. Lightning Data Service, User Interface API, and base Lightning Components are some of these extra benefits. Every day, our Salesforce development services help businesses to gain more out of Salesforce. Contact us today to get the best Salesforce development services.
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