Create Price Rule in Salesforce CPQ (SBQQ)

Price Rules are a powerful tool of the Salesforce CPQ. They allow admins to conditionally update the value of just about any field on the quote line, the quote line group, or the quote record itself.

Price rule structure:

The structure of a price rule, which typically involves three related records.

  • Price Rule
  • Price Condition
  • Price Action
How to Create Price rule in Salesforce CPQ

Consider, Client is running a promotion related to an upcoming trade show. It wants to reduce the price of the Smartblinds product to $125 if sales reps enter “trade show” in the quote’s ReferralCode__c field.

Go to App Launcher find the Salesforce CPQ app then click
Now click Price Rule Tab
Step1:First condition ::

put the price condition in related list of price rule

Put the filter as per given condition
Step2: Second condition

Select object, field and index.

Filter condition
Step 3: put the price action in related list of price rule
Note -: Rule should be Activated.
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