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Non-Profit Cloud

Empowering Non-Profit organizations with tailored cloud solutions for efficient operations and impactful mission delivery.

The non-profit organizations' cloud is created to make it easier for them to access a connected platform. It offers various solutions and a 360-degree view of their mission and participants to help achieve their goals. The Nonprofit Cloud aids in building long-lasting relationships and simplifying the management of fundraising, support programs, marketing, and commitment to generate the necessary impact. It also enhances the connection with donors, tracks volunteers, and manages campaigns while allowing the customization of a Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP) for connecting with the right people at the right time. Additionally, it facilitates identifying common interests and collaboration among sponsors.

Non-profit Cloud enhancements make it easier to build integrations, to measure the ROI of upgraded campaigns by using a new way to attribute revenue on gift commitments, to improve digital fundraising and tracking with Outreach Source Code URLs, and to streamline donor support requests and accounting tasks by tracking payment data.

Non-Profit Cloud refers to a suite of cloud-based solutions and services tailored to the specific needs and challenges of nonprofit organizations. These solutions are typically provided by cloud computing providers like Salesforce, which offer specialized platforms such as Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud.

New and Enhanced Common Features for Industries

Nonprofit Cloud includes some features that are available across the clouds and products in Industries. Use these features to extend and customize Nonprofit Cloud as per your business needs.

1. Action Launcher: Deliver better donor support by adding actions in the Action Launcher Lightning Web Component to launch actions to resolve donor requests. Administrators can now customize the title shown on the Action Launcher component to provide a more branded experience.
2. Bulk Action Panel: Administrators can further streamline fundraising operations by adding bulk actions to the Bulk Action Panel, which are specific to an actionable list.
3. Grant making: In Nonprofit Cloud for Grant making, Grant seekers can now add collaborators to help with grant applications in an Experience Cloud site. Grant makers and recipients can now see the difference between planned and actual budget spent. Grant makers can add invitation-only application funding opportunities to Experience Cloud.
4. Outcome Management: Take the manual work out of adding indicator results and ensure that results are measured consistently with a flow. Collaborate with partner organizations and grantees in Experience Cloud. Connect Outcome Management to care plans in Case Management.
5. Timeline: Fundraising admins can configure Timeline to show engagement events from a specific data space in Data Cloud.

Some common components of Non-Profit Cloud include:

1. Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): Nonprofit-specific CRM tools help organizations manage relationships with donors, volunteers, members, and other stakeholders. They enable nonprofits to track interactions, donations, and engagement activities to better understand and engage with their constituents.
2. Fundraising and Donation Management: Non-Profit Cloud provides tools for managing fundraising campaigns, processing donations, and tracking donor contributions. These solutions often include features for online fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising, donation processing, and donor stewardship.
3. Program Management and Impact Measurement: Nonprofit organizations can use Non-Profit Cloud to track and manage programs, projects, and initiatives. These solutions often include features for program planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and impact measurement to demonstrate outcomes and report on mission effectiveness.
4. Volunteer Management: Non-Profit Cloud offers tools for recruiting, managing, and coordinating volunteers. These solutions enable nonprofits to streamline volunteer recruitment, scheduling, communication, and tracking to maximize volunteer engagement and impact.
5. Marketing and Communication: Nonprofit organizations can use Non-Profit Cloud to engage supporters and raise awareness through targeted marketing and communication campaigns. These solutions often include features for email marketing, social media integration, event management, and advocacy.

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