What is Salesforce Flow?

It is a part of Salesforce how that collects the data and performs actions in your Salesforce org or an external system.

Salesforce flow can be used to build code like logic without a programming language.

In that winter 23 release, we have multiple Interesting Updates on the flow Just like the last few releases, also this new release has many great features for Salesforce Flow. Here are the most important updates.

  1. Toolbox is Hidden in Auto-Layout

    You can use this toggle (on the left side of the Select Elements button) to show or hide it

  2. Cut and Paste Elements in Auto-Layout -

    you can cut and paste single elements in the Auto-Layout mode. Before this release, in order to do this, you had to switch to the freeform layout.

  3. Search Elements to Add in Auto-Layout -

    you have to click the plus sign. After clicking the plus sign, now you can search the element that you want to add. You can search the custom actions as well. This feature is available in all of the flow types except before save record-triggered flows.

  4. Update Related Records Option in Record-Triggered Flow -

    In this update we Using the “Update records related to the record that triggered the flow” option, you can easily update the related records. After selecting this option, you have to select the related object and optionally add filter conditions.

  5. No Code Flow Testing Goes GA -

    Salesforce introduced No Code Flow Testing for record-triggered flow in the Summer ’22 release. It used to be a beta feature but it goes GA in the Winter ’23 release.

  6. Formula Checking in Formula Builders -

    In the Winter ’23 release, formula builder/checker becomes available in the formula resources and Collection Filter element.

  7. In and Not In Operators for the Data Elements -

    There are 2 new operators available in the data elements (Get, Create, Update, Delete). Using the In and Not In operators, you can save so much time and reduce loops or any other elements from your flows.

  8. Bigger and Wider Screen Editor -

    Finally, the screen editor is bigger and wider. It might be a small enhancement for Salesforce Flow, but it is something that everybody needed for a long time.

  9. Lookup Screen Component Supports Multiple Records -

    There was already a lookup component in flow screens. It used to support only one selection, just like any other lookup field. Starting with the Winter ’23 release you can allow the users select multiple records from the same lookup component. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can set the maximum number of selections. If you leave that parameter blank, then the users can select only one record.

  10. Record Type Filtering for Picklists in Dynamic Forms -

    Picklist fields in Dynamic Forms for Flow (Fields section) start to support record type filtering. This was a very critical limitation of this feature. At runtime, the flow user sees picklist values available to the selected record. If no record type is associated with the displayed record, all values are listed.

  11. Dynamic Forms for Flow Goes GA

    As you know, Dynamic Forms for Flow (Fields section) was a beta feature for a long time. In the Winter ’23 Release, it becomes generally available and it is not a beta feature anymore.

  12. Data Table (Beta) Component -

    In the Winter ’23 release, the official Data Table component arrives as a beta feature. Using this component, you can build tables from record collections. There are many configuration options in the Data Table component. First of all, you can easily build the columns using the drag and drop property editor.

    There are 3 selection options. You can allow the users select multiple or single records or you can hide the selection in order to display data.

  13. Workflow Rule Creation Disabled -

    Starting with the Winter ’23 release, you cannot create new workflow rules anymore. Actually, after all these great features of Flow, there is no point to create a new workflow rule. Go with the flow!

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