We recently introduced our new product FHT (Field History Tracking)Application which enables users to track field history of as many fields for an object they want .The object can be standard or custom as per users choice.
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Transforming Operations with CodM's Salesforce Expertise

CodM, a top Salesforce consulting firm, specializes in helping businesses revolutionize their operations through tailored capabilities and Salesforce implementation. The primary objective is to facilitate seamless connections between companies, their customers, partners, and employees while maximizing the ROI on the Salesforce platform. CodM boasts a team of experts with deep technical knowledge and consulting experience, enabling clients to foster innovation, embrace change, and conduct experimentation that yields substantial value. Their services encompass Salesforce Advisory and Support, with a particular emphasis on enhancing or revamping sales processes using Salesforce Sales Clouds.

Optimizing Sales Processes for Success

One of CodM's key approaches is harnessing Salesforce functionality and custom code-based solutions to automate processes efficiently. This strategic approach results in the creation of a well-structured sales process that guides sales representatives toward successfully closing deals. The integration of Salesforce Service Cloud, either through default or custom case management functionality, is another invaluable aspect of CodM's services. Leveraging automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation mechanisms can significantly enhance the quality of customer service and support, ensuring that clients get the most out of the services provided by CodM.

Expertise Tailored to Diverse Industries

CodM's expertise isn't confined to a single sector; it spans a wide range of industries. Regardless of the specific challenges or unique requirements a company may have, CodM's consultants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to address them effectively. Recognizing that success in Salesforce implementation goes beyond technology, CodM understands the critical importance of addressing people and process-related changes. By focusing on these vital elements, CodM ensures that its clients not only adopt Salesforce effectively but also achieve their overarching business goals, making them an indispensable partner for businesses seeking Salesforce-driven transformations.